Update: CA20121220-01: Security Notice for CA IdentityMinder

Update: CA20121220-01: Security Notice for CA IdentityMinder

A recently published security notice for CA IdentityMinder (CA20121220-01: Security Notice for CA IdentityMinder) has been updated.  The update includes a major revision to the section entitled “How to determine if the installation is affected”.

Revised content:
How to determine if the installation is affected

All versions of CA IdentityMinder r12.0, r12.5 prior to SP15, and r12.6 GA are vulnerable.

You can confirm that patches have been successfully applied by checking the dates associated with the following IdentityMinder jar files (the jar files are created in the patch output sub-folder structure in the root folder from which you have run the patch utility):

CA IdentityMinder r12.0 CR16 and earlier – user_console.jar
CA IdentityMinder r12.5 SP1 thru SP6 – user_console.jar
CA IdentityMinder r12.5 SP7 thru SP14 – user_console.jar & imsapi6.jar
CA IdentityMinder r12.6 GA –  user_console.jar & imsapi6.jar

The dates on these jar files will be set to the date on which the patch was applied.

CA20121220-01: Security Notice for CA IdentityMinder


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Ken Williams

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