Making the Most of CA World After You Get Home

CA World offers many experiences and opportunities:  lessons from customer sessions, tips from the technical campgrounds, new ideas for processes or implementing, and of course new relationships made with other CA Technologies customers. By the time you leave, you’ll have attended so many sessions, had so many conversations, and taken in so much information that it can be hard to keep track of it all. But, one thing you’ll tell yourself as you get on the plane to head home is that you’ll put all of this valuable information into practice as soon as you get back to the office-except, too often that doesn’t happen.

After a few days away, your inbox and a backlog of issues are waiting for your return. And, as soon as your colleagues notice you’re back, the IMs, emails, and calls start flying in. You spend the first few days catching up from the days you were gone, and before you know it, you’re back in the grind and don’t have time to give more thought to some of those new processes you learned about, or implement the configuration tip you learned. You’ll lose track of your notes from some of the sessions. And, you’ll forget the name of that great networking connection you made.

This year, make the most of your CA World experience by putting together a plan for when you get home. You have already invested a few days at CA World, and now it’s time to make the most of it by investing a few more hours back at the office. On your first day back, schedule time on your calendar over the next few days to digest what you learned and take the appropriate next steps. Make an appointment with yourself for each of your top takeaways that you want to research further or take action on. Better yet, invite your staff or colleagues to these meetings to get their input-and to make sure you actually keep the appointments. From those initial meetings, you and your team can assess the value of moving forward and determine any next steps. Even if some of the ideas turn out to be not the right fit for your organization, you’re making the most of the time you invested in CA World by investigating potential beneficial and innovative initiatives.   

Also make time for the networking connections you made at CA World. Memories of those conversations can fade quickly on both sides. Make the time to reach out to people you met within the first few days you’re back. Send an email. Reach out on LinkedIn. If the two of you had said you should talk again, reach out with a meeting invite to make sure you have that talk. Connections made at CA World can be valuable to your organization, your company, and to your personal career. As with the other valuable information you gained at CA World, invest a little more time to make sure you get their full value.    

CA World offers a wealth of valuable information for our customers. Don’t leave that wealth in your laptop bag or in a stack of notes on the corner of your desk. You owe it to your organization and to yourself to spend a little more time when you get home to get the most value from your CA World experience.


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David Werner

Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager for IT Business Management at CA Technologies
David Werner is a Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager for IT Business Management at CA Technologies, focused on CA's Project & Portfolio Management solution, CA Clarity PPM. David has 10 years of PPM experience working on CA Clarity PPM in various roles and has built relationships with many of CA's customers through his involvement with customer communities and advisory councils. Follow David on Twitter: @DavidMWerner

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  1. Great comments and words of wisdom. I’ve already begun summarizing my list and will share with colleagues on moving forward with traction.

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