What’s Your Game Plan to Deliver Business Agility?

What an exciting day here at CA World! I am really glad I had a game plan prior to arriving at the event. I think it is important to put your plans in action but inevitably, something comes up that requires a quick shift in a new direction or a pivot to avoid a pitfall. But ultimately, you need to know where you are going, how you’re going to get there, and what you need to do. I had my game plan in the form of a detailed itinerary planned to the minute. Yesterday, I was informed that one of my speaking sessions needed to shift to a new time, which conflicted with an activity for my co-presenter. Thankfully, I had prepared a secondary speaker in advance and we were able to adapt to the new schedule without a hitch.

Such is life…and certainly this is the case in business. Things come up and we have to adapt quickly. Having a clear game plan or strategic vision makes it easier to make those necessary adjustments in your short-term activities without losing sight of your long-term goals. Earlier this morning, we announced a new member of the CA ClarityTM solution – CA ClarityTM Playbook – which bridges the gap between strategic planning and operational execution that exists today. This new solution, which is scheduled to be available in June, brings the power of a mobile workspace into the hands of executive leaders who need to manage high-level business goals and objectives within the context of their technology investments. Now these leaders are poised to deliver business agility.

Not to get cheeky here – but I really mean DELIVER:

  • Define strategy based on business goals, objectives, initiatives

  • Engage and collaborate with key stakeholders on strategy

  • Leverage information from CA Clarity PPM

  • Improve alignment of investments to objectives

  • Visualize real-time investment financials in context of plans

  • Evaluate performance against goals, priorities, and targets

  • Review impact of new initiatives on plans of record

Today’s announcement included a comment from R. John Ragsdale, Chief Information Officer, BerylHealth who said, “To grow our business in the midst of the Health Information Technology explosion, we need to embrace strategic planning disciplines and tools that increase our innovation and speed-to-market – and that improve technology visibility and decision-making for our C-level executives.”

In my humble opinion, the only way to deliver business agility is to embrace strategic planning disciplines that define a clear game plan which can adapt quickly to keep pace with the rapid rate of change we face in business.

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Mary Cauwels

As Director of Product Marketing, Mary is responsible for coordinating go-to-market activities for IT Service & Portfolio Management solutions from CA Technologies. She brings 15 years of experience in service management and customer relationship management. Prior to joining CA Technologies, Mary held roles in product marketing at SAP, Avaya, SafeNet, and Compaq. She has her BS in International Marketing and MBA from San Jose State University. As a native Californian, Mary loves the outdoors and spends her free time with her family gardening, camping, playing softball, or skiing.

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  1. Perfect., Mary has the very good and perfect idea. Unfortunately, I did not think of it before and now it gives me a very best idea for marketing plan.

  2. That’s great – feel free to send me an email at mary.cauwels@ca.com to discuss what you have in mind further.

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