Consumer Driven IT is a Catalyst for Business Service Innovation

What an exciting time to be in IT.   No question about it, we are standing at the door of a major transformation.  This is a big idea – with profound implications for IT leaders like you.  One of the most powerful forces is consumer driven IT and its effect on business users expectations and demands. 

So what are the implications of all of this on IT?

IT has always struggled to keep up with business demand, but for many organizations the problem is getting significantly worse. And much of the focus to-date has been to address the supply-side of IT, with varying success.  Yet without shaping the demand curve for the future, budgets and resources will continue to be strained and the ‘gap’ will widen.

It is with this in mind that I’ve outlined six ways IT organizations can harness the power of information technology as a catalyst to reshape business expectations, improve perception and increase the levels of collaboration needed between business and IT to truly innovate within their organizations.

Give it a read, and let me know what you think.   Or better yet, let us know what you are doing to meet these new challenges.

Read the entire technology brief “Investing for Value in a Consumer Driven World” here. 

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