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Everybody wants everything now. Gone are the days when we had the luxury of time and IT had months and sometimes years to put together new services.

Today, the consumer is boss with no tolerance for down time, lapses in security or poor quality. And, they are using swankier gadgets. They want it whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they are using. These consumers are called the Millennials – people between 18 to 35 years old who are changing the IT landscape with their consumption patterns.

IDC surveyed 1,040 consumers and IT Executives from 18 to 55 years of age on Consumer Driven IT, and discovered interesting results on the differences in consumption behaviors between the Millennials and people like me who are older.





From the study, it is obvious that we live in a new world. We need to manage a new reality and new expectations. The Millennials have a different approach to how they go about their personal and business lives, especially with respect to technology.

There is this 24/7 need to socialize and share information from anywhere. They have embraced cloud services, use cloud applications and store information in the cloud. Some 74% of the Millennial respondents are downloading applications and software using their laptops, tablets and smart phones.  And, 75% more Millennials than the older folks are accessing online forums, blogs and discussion groups using their smart phones. 

While I’m connected almost all the time – on my iPhone, iPad and Mac, the Millennials are doing a lot more in the cloud. And, they admit that their dependence on online applications and services is growing.

As a business, how should we address this new generation of up and coming executives and consummate social networkers?  My top three recommendations:

  • Be innovative

    • Have an open heart and mind to understand this new market so that you can create, assemble and deliver the best services and solutions to meet the needs of the Millennials.

  • Be agnostic

    • Your data center platform and the devices your customers use are all different. Your services and solutions should from the onset be developed with these differences in mind. And, when you’re assembling the solutions – remember to review proposals across platforms. Get the best to deliver the best.

  • Be agile

    • It’s a fast moving and quick changing industry. Millennials are calling the shots and demanding flexibility and speed. Your IT need to move at the speed of business.

The end game would be about time:

  • Time to volume

  • Time to revenue

  • Time to profit

Review your business model and IT infrastructure to see where you can derive more efficiencies so that you are operating at the optimal speed and deriving the fullest potential.

With the right focus, business model and IT infrastructure, you could be best poised to win in this market and leverage the power of the new Millennials.

 Click here to learn more about consumer driven IT.

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Lionel Lim

Lionel Lim is President of Asia Pacific at CA Technologies. He is responsible for the CA Technologies business across the region, leading sales and support, driving strategic business development, managing overall operations, and building the partner ecosystem. The Asia Pacific region includes ASEAN, Australia/New Zealand, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, India and Korea. Prior to joining CA Technologies, Lionel was the President of Asia Pacific at Sun Microsystems. Lionel started his career at Hewlett-Packard where the last role he held was the Head of Sales for Singapore. Lionel has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.

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