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Being in the technology industry, we all know that things happen so fast, but technology stops for no one.  As much as we would like to say that we were on the cutting edge of all the breaking news, truth is we’ve missed a few things.  I have pulled together some of the most significant updates related to the constant evolution of the latest trend, consumer-driven technology to keep you up to date on all the latest consumer driven IT news.

Before I share the latest consumer driven IT news, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the life of Steve Jobs.  What always has distinguished Apple products for me is the interface.  Always clean, always intuitive.  It could only have been through Jobs’ uncompromising empathy for the user that this could have so consistently been true.  I’m reminded of another American original, Mark Twain, who famously once said “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I’ve written a long one instead.”  Mr. Jobs always took the time to make sure his products were crisp and elegant.

While I never came close to meeting him, I still feel a real sense of sadness that he’s passed, for he was always an advocate for the consumer, knowing what we wanted, even when we really didn’t. 

Here’s the latest Consumer Driven IT news over the past couple of weeks…enjoy:an image from a user on

October 6:  Paula Klein Smart Enterprise Exchange   - Steve Jobs Remembered Read quotes from enterprise IT execs and thought leaders on how Steve’s life impacted them personally, for IT and their enterprise. Here are some thoughts on the passing of this innovator and disrupter.

August 25: Diana Ransom and Jason Fell  Entrepreneur  - 10 Things to Thank Steve Jobs For: Originally posted over a month ago, it’s worth the read. 

September 9: Andi Mann, CA TechnologiesEnter the World of Consumer Driven IT- Consumer-driven IT extends beyond the enterprise (fire)walls too. Like all consumers, your customers are rapidly becoming used to accessing cloud services whenever it suits them; they are connecting with product and service vendors online and interacting with businesses through social media and portable cloud-connected apps.

September 21: Michael J. Belak, InformationWeek  – Allowing Personal Devices At Work: A Faustian Bargain? – Progressive  CIOs  and their organizations can realize big benefits, but tread carefully.

September 22: David Hanrahan, Dimension Data AustraliaBYOD: What organisations are REALLY thinking- While the general consensus in the industry is that the term BYOD implies a desktop replacement program or a BYO primary toolset, CIOs disageed and think it’s largely related to ‘smart devices’.

September 23: The ITSM ReviewNever Mind BYOD – What about BYOA? – The result? Support departments are either having to support a plethora of new platforms or are facing increasing pressure to loosen up corporate standards and traditional ways of thinking.

September 25: W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles TimesTaking iPads into battle – Phones and other smart devices are being tested across all branches of the military. Seeing an opportunity, software firms and defense contractors are developing apps that will enable soldiers to pass along intelligence, view reconnaissance images or even pilot small drones by remote control.

September 26: Cesare Garlati, BringYourOwnIT.comTrend Micro Consumerization Report 2011 – An increasing number of organizations take a strategic approach to Consumerization by providing IT support for personal devices and by deploying new IT tools to secure and manage them.

September 26: Peter Hinnsen, Smart EnterpriseThe Era of Now – In the Era of Now, information has a shelf-life of minutes and external customers expect immediate response. Follow this video for an animated description of the world in which IT must now operate.

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