Where’s Your Security Vulnerability: on a Mobile Device or in the Cloud? #TechViews

Where’s Your Security Vulnerability: on a Mobile Device or in the Cloud? #TechViews

#TechViews Mobile Security TweetChat 1 PM ET – Tuesday, October 29, 2013  techviews

Disruptive trends such as mobility and cloud computing challenge IT security professionals today. They need to secure the data, devices and environments to protect corporate and customers assets while also leaving enough room to enable innovative business services.

CA Technologies next week will host a Twitter Chat delving further into the topic of IT security, specifically addressing how mobility and cloud computing are forcing IT organizations to change their approach to protecting assets, data and privacy. The discussion stems in part from a recent study from CA, “TechInsights Report: Cloud Succeeds, Now What?”, which showed while security was the biggest inhibitor for placing specific applications in the cloud, it was also considered one of the bigger benefits of adopting cloud computing by some.

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Separately, the issue of secure mobility is also causing much discussion among industry watchers who are recognizing that even with new technologies, IT organizations need to establish a delicate balance between enabling mobile business services and protecting data and end-use privacy. The challenge will span across IT disciplines from development to operations, but the opportunity will enable businesses to offer more services and likely boost employee productivity as well.

Here is a preview of the questions that will be addressed in the #TechViews Security TweetChat:

  1. What is the biggest security risk mobility poses?
  2. What is the most important mobile element to secure: device, application or backend?
  3. How is the management and security of APIs fundamental to any mobile app or cloud security project?
  4. Some say security is a hindrance to cloud, a recent study showed some say cloud security is a top benefit of cloud. Why would this be?
  5. How can businesses leverage mobility to enhance security?
  6. How can IT enable the business with new security capabilities (not just to prevent bad things from happening)?

To learn more about mobile and cloud security prior to the chat, please download the white paper “TechInsights Report: Cloud Succeeds. Now What?” and read the TechViews Blog: What’s the Biggest Security Risk Mobility Poses? And please download the calendar invite to the #TechViews Security TweetChat here.

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