Making Mobile Security Easier and More Convenient

Making Mobile Security Easier and More Convenient

This week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is dedicated to mobile, a topic that probably had a lot less emphasis 10 years ago when NCSAM started and pre-iPhone days.

But today, mobile security is highly relevant and should be top-of-mind. In a PayPal national study, more than 67 percent of respondents are very or somewhat concerned that their data would be compromised if they lost their mobile device.

Today’s NCSA tweet chat had a lot of folks talking about strong passwords.  And I agree. Strong passwords are our first line of defense (strong authentication should also be considered, but that’s for another time). Strong passwords often mean long passwords (in fact, long passwords were mentioned in the tweet chat).  But is that practical on a mobile device? Will users do it? Apple must not think so since they’ve added biometrics to their security mix. From the tweet chat:

PayPal National #Onlinesafety Study found only 34% lock their #mobile phone w/a PIN.

So I’m thinking convenience might be a factor here.

Let’s extend that to apps. If typing a PIN is not convenient for 66% of mobile users, then do you think they will want to type a strong  password for every app (consider enterprise use here)?

Take a look at this blog, Mobile SSO: Give App Users a Break from Typing Passwords, from Leif Bildoy, a colleague who joined CA Technologies from the Layer 7 acquisition. Or for a shortcut, here’s a Webcast where Leif and Tyson Whitten, also on the CA Security team, discuss Mobile SSO:

Stay tuned for more to come from CA Technologies in the mobile world as we continue to expand our footprint in mobile management and security.

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Leanne Agurkis

Leanne Agurkis has spent more than 20 years in the communications field. She has worked for CA Technologies for more than 10 years as both a consultant and employee with a focus on its Security (Identity and Access Management) business.

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