Announcing General Availability of CA SiteMinder r12.51

Underscoring our commitment to continued investment in CA SiteMinder® and responding to customer requests for feature enhancements, we are pleased to announce that CA SiteMinder r12.51 is now generally available for customer download! 

This release advances the gold standard in Web single sign-on and access management with significant enhancements for delivering secure new business services, securing the mobile, cloud-connected enterprise, and simplifying management. Here’s a summary of new features and benefits:

Feature Theme Description Benefit
Deliver secure new business services  Restful and SOAP based web service interfaces to SiteMinder authentication and authorization services

Accelerates application service delivery, single sign-on, and authorization via popular web service methods

Reduces TCO by offering SiteMinder services without need for deploying and managing a CA SiteMinder Agent
Authentication with OAuth 2.0 Social Media identities such as those issued by Google and Facebook

Improves customer engagement and business prospecting by supporting user authentication to SiteMinder protected resources using social identities

Supports use of user attributes from social media sites in personalizing a user’s experience with an application
Open Format Cookie

Accelerates application service delivery and single sign-on via a simplified method of asserting an identity to a web application

Reduces TCO of single sign-on to less sensitive applications
Secure the mobile, cloud-connected enterprise Enhanced support for WS-Federation 1.2 including meta-data exchange Browser-based secure single sign-on to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 and Azure
CA SiteMinder Federation Cloud Runbook Library A centralized location for best practices and step-by-step instructions on how to integrate CA SiteMinder Federation with cloud SaaS applications such as Box, Google Apps, NetSuite, ServiceNow, WebEx, CA Nimsoft Service Desk, and many more
SAML assertion management enhancements Broadened cross-domain single sign-on support through enhanced tools for generating, transforming, and managing user attributes in SAML assertions
Simplify CA SiteMinder Management Integrated CA SiteMinder Web Services Security in the Policy Server and Admin UI Lowers TCO for organizations by delivering a single integrated single sign-on platform that support traditional Web Access Management, Identity Federation and Web Services Security


I just returned from CA World, our global customer event where we demonstrated CA SiteMinder 12.51 to customers and partners.  The demonstration highlighted the ability of SiteMinder to authenticate a user with their Facebook credential and SSO that user over to a federated site.  That same user was also able to conduct a transaction that utilized CA AuthMinder™ for two-factor authentication via a one-time password.  While some customers questioned the appropriateness of using a social media ID for authenticating to a corporate network, they were very enthusiastic about the demo and how they might be able to use the same scenario to more easily enable the initial bootstrapping of users to  ‘Business to Consumer (B2C)’ applications.  They were pleased that CA Technologies has enhanced CA SiteMinder and is offering multiple ways to implement SSO, including current, growing standards such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID.

In addition, on April 17 we conducted a webcast where we reviewed the secure SSO and access management marketplace, described the new CA SiteMinder features, and conducted several audience polls. As an example, here is one of the polls: 


With the five noted methods of single sign-on (agent, gateway/proxy, federation, open format cookie, and Web service interfaces), how many methods do you believe your organization would use?
One             5%
Two          17%
Three          36%
More than three          42%


Organizations need flexible options for delivering secure business services via Web access management and Web single sign-on to their internal and external user populations. CA SiteMinder continues to excel here!

CA Technologies customers: For more information and to download the product release please visit the CA Support site.


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Chris Wraight

Chris Wraight has spent 25+ years in the technology world in various positions of product management, marketing and sales. He is currently working on CA Inc.'s Access Control security product in its Security Management business. Chris has a B.S. in Management with Computer Applications from WPI.

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