Global Warming 2012 – Infographic

Global Warming 2012 – Infographic

It’s getting hot in here.  2012 was the warmest year on record in the United States.  Check out this infographic describing some of the most eye opening aspects of Global Warming 2012.

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Cynthia Curtis

As vice president and chief sustainability officer, Cynthia oversees the CA Technologies Office of Sustainability and is responsible for global sustainability strategy and initiatives for the company. Cynthia also meets with customers looking to use IT management solutions to further their sustainability efforts. Since joining CA Technologies in 2010, Cynthia has established a track record with measurable results for the company's sustainability program. She has extended the scope of the company’s sustainability initiatives, and established a cross-functional advisory board and program management office. In addition, she has helped enhance the environmental performance of CA Technologies operations by working with internal teams to further leverage the use of the company’s energy, carbon and sustainability management solution, CA ecoSoftware. Cynthia earned a master of business administration degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a bachelor of arts degree from Boston College. She speaks German and lives in a LEED-certified home in Massachusetts.

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  1. Really appreciate this graphic.

    Question re Greenland: do you mean to have written that 97% experienced melting as opposed to “disappeared”? I don’t think that 97% of Greenland’s surface ice went away this past year.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree – “disappeared” is not the best choice of wording. 97% of the ‘surface ice’ on Greenland melted, or thawed in July. This is not to say that 97% of the ice on Greenland melted (New York would be under water!), but this flash melting represented a surface thaw unprecedented in the satellite era. I’ve updated the infographic to reflect your feedback.

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