RIM outage: another example of why power management should be at the core of data centre operations and not on the edge

The power outage last week in the RIM Slough Data Centre in the UK has brought the Blackberry operator a litany of bad press. The apparent failure to monitor power on the failover switch circuit has led to a chain of events which has resulted in three days of service downtime or delay for some Blackberry customers. The RIM share price has fallen as customer confidence in BB fell too.

This failure highlights how power supplies to data centres may appear to be a local issue, but can now have global consequences for business services. A rethink of operational power management and service assurance is required to prevent a bottom line operational issue impacting global top line revenue and brand reputation.

CA Technologies encountered a similar issue in our own data centre when piloting our CA ecoMeter solution. A switch failed, but the power failure was automatically identified and an alert was raised preventing any serious outage from occurring. CA ecoMeter is now used in other CA Technologies data centres and by many of our customers who appreciate the importance of data centre power management.

If the problem at the RIM data centre could have been avoided in the same way it is a lesson for all operators of service critical data centres. The root cause analysis is underway, but the reputational damage will unfortunately take longer to repair.

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Sonny Masero

Sonny Masero recently joined CA as a VP to drive the ecoSoftware business in EMEA. He came from the climate change and sustainability specialist Camco, where he was UK Managing Director. He has worked in the environmental market in Europe for the last 13 years and is known for his expertise of sustainable business and sustainable project development, with specific knowledge of greenhouse gas emissions assessment, carbon management and sustainability management. Recently Sonny has advised companies like SAB Miller, Invensys Rail and Crest Nicholson. Sonny trained in engineering and business at City University in London, and has a Masters in Sustainable Development through the Forum for the Future Scholarship Programme. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce (RSA). Within the sustainability industry he sits on the Brand Emissions Advisory Panel, the Sustain' Editorial Board and will shortly be starting a column in Sustainable Business (SB) magazine on the diffusion of sustainable innovation. Sonny is also a Director of not-for-profit organization, Dynamic Demand, which has been promoting smart grid frequency control demand management in the UK for the past few years. For more information see his LinkedIn profile - http://uk.linkedin.com/in/sonnymasero.

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