Agile Application Delivery for the Enterprise

Agile Application Delivery for the Enterprise

Deployed, running applications are becoming IT’s key deliverable to the business. Not just the delivery of a working version of an application, but the continuous agile upgrade of application capabilities and features, along with the operational aspects of keeping the application working and customers happy.

It is with this in mind that we bring you the whitepaper ‘Agile Application Delivery for the Enterprise’ by Dr. Jacob Ukelson. This paper explores cloud management, configuration management and release operations in response to the adoption of virtualization, cloud infrastructure and agile development methodologies (i.e. the perfect storm). This storm is caused by the need to enable smaller, more frequent application release on dynamic infrastructure with non-existent maintenance windows in which every mistake is immediately visible to customers and management.

Release Operations and Configuration Management

Many organizations turn to tools such as Puppet or Chef for configuration management and infrastructure provisioning. These tools are used to deploy and configure infrastructure software for both physical and virtual machine instances based on a predefined policy allowing sys admins to define and enforce infrastructure and configuration.

This is great but it’s only part of what IT operations need for application release and delivery. Release operations needs to handle the process of releasing and promoting an application across environments from QA to Production. This entails defining and executing the release processes needed to combine application build artifacts together with the application content, operational artifacts and configurations needed to release an application to a specific environment. It is here that we see the value in the Nolio/Puppet integration.

Nolio server types and Puppet groups are the glue connecting the two. This is what translates between the language of Nolio processes and the of Puppet infrastructure automation and configuration management. When you download your free copy of this whitepaper, you’ll get a step-by-step guide for connecting Nolio to Puppet infrastructure provisioning through server types.

Click here to download your free copy of ‘Agile Application Delivery for the Enterprise’

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