Harnessing the Cloud

Harnessing the Cloud

Changing the way people live and work would seem like a challenge to many, but the world of cloud technology is doing just that.  You may not feel it day to day, but it’s happening and it has made fundamental differences to the way business is conducted and the manner in which technology is interacted with.  Though the process can take time and needs to be tailored for each company that adopts it, it can truly transform and innovate.

Tech Mahindra is one of the top six service providers globally in the telecom sources space with $1.3 billion in revenue focusing on BSS, OSS, network design and engineering, next generation networks, security, and mobility. Lakshmanan Chidambaram, SVP of Sales and Operations, explains that the organization has a unique approach to how it serves their customers. The key? Tech Mahindra differentiates itself in the marketplace through a comprehensive methodology that combines their expertise with technology from their strategic alliance partners, such as CA Technologies, to enable their customers to optimize their use of cloud.

“Determining the right strategy for our customers when it comes to cloud computing is critical, and it varies from organization to organization. We have a methodology that we use with our customers to evaluate the best cloud model. It’s called “IMPACT”, and it stands for Investigate, Model, Prioritize and ACT.

Often times, customers have already made up their mind on whether they would rather deploy a public or private cloud. Large enterprises generally lean toward a private cloud because it makes economic sense for them and it’s more secure. The mid-market is usually more interested in creating a multitenant, public cloud system. With our IMPACT methodology, we can determine which models are the right fit for our customers.”

With this said, he also leverages the organization’s areas of specialization and the benefits of partnerships to determine the right cloud strategy for their customers. Though the fear of security in the cloud has subsided, it still is prevalent in an organization’s mind. For this reason, Tech Mahindra uses its security services as a key strength in providing cloud solutions.

At Tech Mahindra, we use the acronym “NMACS” to describe our areas of specialization. NMACS stands for Networking, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, and Security. While many of our competitors can address mobility, analytics, and cloud, we feel that security is one of our biggest core strengths. And because we specialize in all of these areas, including security, we can bring a differentiated solution to our customers that deliver value, while mitigating risk.

Watch this short video to learn more about Tech Mahindra and how they are differentiating their business model to transform the way people live and work. Be sure to visit the Luminaries site for more on their story and other organizations who are paving the way in Cloud.


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