MSPs are the Key to the Cloud

Just a few days ago at MSP World, CA Technologies unveiled a new program – the CA 3Tera MSP Cloud Program.  Designed for managed service providers of all kinds, the program provides free licenses of the CA 3Tera AppLogic cloud platform, various installation options, and support to help customers build cloud businesses.  What kind of businesses?  Anything from virtual data centers to IaaS and SaaS offerings. 

So, the big question you might be asking is: what is this whole program about, and why does it matter?

The program is designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).  Many people would spend time here outlining the various service provider types, from telcos to collocation facilities, from hosters to “VARs-gone-provider.”  There are differences, and important ones, between these different types of managed service providers.  BUT, for this post I am going to use the term MSP as a blanket to mean anyone who has — or wants — to provide a hosted cloud business for customers – IaaS, SaaS, or virtual data center.  In the end, this program is about helping customers build their cloud business. 

Why, then, are we investing in an MSP program? 

Because MSPs are the instigators of the cloud revolution. 

Before these service providers arrived on the scene, IT was the sole source of technology for enterprises around the world.  Want a new server?  Sure, IT will buy it for you.  Need a new application? IT will get right on that.  IT was the supplier to the business, and IT had to be the one who delivered.  Then along came ubiquitous, high speed bandwidth, protocols, standards, and virtualization technologies. Knitting it all together were a new breed of service providers.  These service providers taught the business that they could have what they want, when they want it.  These are the game-changing MSPs.  You probably know their names – Amazon, Rackspace and many many more.

As the first MSPs proved that they could offer on-demand services, others followed suit.  Soon everyone wanted in on the cloud business – and if IDC is right in their blogs, this will become a $55 billion segment in the next few years.  Clearly MSPs are looking for new customers and market growth opportunities.  Further, they are hungry to stake a claim to the space.  The buzz around cloud just makes it all the more compelling for MSPs.

And this is why our MSP program matters.  MSPs of all shapes and sizes are getting into the game, and teaching enterprises what they can demand from their own IT departments – and working to fill in the gaps themselves.  MSPs are hungry, they are staking a claim to the market.  As a result, they need help to get to market fast. And they need a platform that will get them cloud fast, and still leave room for them to build differentiated services. This is CA 3Tera AppLogic.

Are you an MSP trying to build your cloud business? Want to get there, fast? Our MSP program is an offer to help you do just that. And fast. 

*Photo used under CCL, courtesy of Brenda Clarke.

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