Consumer Driven IT in Review, 4th Edition

What do "Bring Your Own Device" and LaundroMutt have in common?

Those of us in the high tech industry often get so caught up in our own world of techno-babble and obscure industry acronyms that we forget there is a huge world out there of people who speak a more straight-forward version of English!

I was reminded of that when I recently did a Google search on the term "BYOD".  There in the 3rd position was a link to the LaundroMutt and BYOD self-service dog wash.  Yes, BYOD as in "Bring Your Own Dog".  I have actually driven by a LaundroMutt several times coming back from Cambridge, Mass. and always thought it had an inspired name.

To be perfectly honest, I would be very happy to cede the use of the acronym BYOD to man's best friend.  In the Consumer Driven IT world, "BYOD" continues to get way too much emphasis.  It really *isn't* just about mobile devices at work anymore – it is about how IT can leverage the cloud to transform how it delivers IT services in this "New Normal" world dominated by consumers and consumer technology.  So, enough about BYOD and more about Consumer Driven IT (which I will try to refrain from calling it CDIT ;) )

Here's what else was in the Consumer Driven IT news the last few weeks, including the latest on the non-canine version of BYOD:

November 16: Will Google and Facebook launch business social networks? by David F. Carr via InformationWeek. The answer is probably yes based on their need to attract new users of their social networks and the opportunities brought by the consumerization of IT.

November 15:  Security Practices and the Consumerization of IT by Rim Rains of Microsoft. Interesting blog post which references results from the Ernst and Young 2011 Global Information Security Survey highlighting actions IT is taking in response to mobile computing.

November 14:  How Consumerization of IT is Changing Enterprise Security by Srikanth RP of Information Week India. India has the youngest population in the global economy, so the impact of this younger generation is begin felt profoundly across the country, with security issues becoming a growing concern.

November 11:  7 Myths about BYOD Debunked by Lisa Nielsen via "the Journal".  This time, it is about bringing your own devices to school and the implications for teachers and students.

November 9: BYOD in the Enterprise: It's Actually NOT About the Devices by Philippe Winthrop via the Enterprise Mobility Foundation. It's not even about apps or data, or even solely concerning IT – it is about people and processes.

November 8: Gartner Says Consumerization Will Drive At Least Four Mobile Management Styles, Symposium/ITxpo 2011, 7-10 Nov 2011, Barcelona.  Growth in smart phones and tablets will cause IT to consider four styles: control-oriented, choice-oriented, innovation-oriented and hands-off.

November 7: 6th Grader tells how he builds apps, Thomas Suarez at the TEDxTalks.  You have probably heard the acronym "BYOA" which means "Bring Your Own Application" and refers to  employees having access to apps in the cloud.  This video takes it to a new level – now it is about "BUILD Your Own App", so easy even a 6th grader can do it. 

BYOD: Why it's Time for CIOs to get Their Strategy Straight by Natasha Lomas via Comments on a recent OVUM report entitled "The BYOD Gap: Trends, Strategy, and the State of Mobile Device Management".

November 4: BYOD Strategy Should Start With Data-Centric Security – Art Wittman, Information Week. Device management and data security have never been the same thing, and in this era of BYOD, they really need to be treated as completely separate issues.

November 3: Device Proliferation, BYOD, and Security – Jason Lackey, Cisco Blogs. One approach that is growing in feasibility is virtualization. Instead of putting corporate data on an employee-owned machine, put a corporate virtual machine, already configured and secured, on the employee machine.

Also NEW this week from CA Technologies:

We finished up this week with a very exciting CA World 2011 in Las Vegas where we got to talk to ~5,000 of our closest friends:

  • We hope to have some video interviews posted from CA World 2011 that explore Consumer Driven IT so continue to visit our Consumer Driven IT website.
  • CA Technologies EVP and Group Executive David Dobson also positions consumer driven IT in the context of the "New Normal" – read about what he said HERE.
  • For a great recap of CA World and also some great comments on Consumer Driven IT, see The_Techster's post via TechTarget.
  • Did you miss CA World 2011? Not to worry, you can join our virtual CA World 2011 Tradeshow for free from the comfort of wherever you choose to login and "consume" great "IT at the speed of business" content. Visit and click "virtual tradeshow" on the right.
  • Want to understand the service assurance implications of Consumer Driven IT? Check out our new Executive Brief by Kobi Korsah entitled: Reshaping IT in a Consumer Driven Era which outlines the impact of Consumer Driven IT on application performance management, infrastructure management and service operations management.
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