How to make your DBA love you – no, really

Find out about the app dev goodies in IBM DB2 for z/OS 10 and 11 that could help smooth over a long-standing feud between DBAs and application programmers.

DB2 DBAs and application programmers are the antithesis of a match made in heaven. But we do have to love each other – if only for the fact that we cannot live without each other. Applications have very little business use without a smooth running database and vice versa.

Rocky road?

So why is this relationship always so delicate? We all know the answer. While DBA’s spend their lives making sure their database is protected, always available and performs like a smoothly running Formula 1 car, to them it can feel that application programmers are doing everything to make sure all the sensors and gauges display “critical status” all the time. Conversely, developers are tasked to fuel the creation of new sleek applications faster than ever before, and they often feel that DBAs are doing everything to slow them down.

I’ve often heard statements like, “Our database would be in excellent shape if it wasn’t for these programmers writing inefficient code,” or, “My application would perform a lot better if these DBA’s would allow me to do what I think is best.” While both groups may have a point, discussions like these rarely lead to anything beneficial for either party.

An olive branch?

So what if I told you that the latest DB2 releases offer numerous possibilities for programmers not only makes their lives easier but also does the same for DBAs? On the flip side, what if DBAs could actually demonstrate to development teams that some new features in DB2 can actually help them to develop and test new applications much faster?

Learn from an IBM DB2 champ

On December 10 at 11:30 a.m. ET CA Technologies senior engineering services architect and DB2 champion Steen Rasmussen will explain how some of these features work and how DBAs and application programmers can benefit from using things like new DB2 Object Types, new BIND parameters, Access Path changes and more.

I attended one of Rasmussen’s sessions at the EMEA IDUG conference in Dublin last week and all I can say is that he does a fantastic job explaining some of the most complex material in a way that everybody understands: all in an effort to help DBAs and application developers to work in unison.

Please join me for a session from one of the worlds leading DB2 experts. Register for, “Community Webcast: Application Development Goodies in DB2 10 and 11 – Make your Favorite DBA Love You.”

Got any stories to share about the relationship between DBAs and app devs? We’d like to hear them so leave a comment below.

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