APIs and Data, Internet of Things and BREACH: A few words from our colleagues at Layer 7

Our colleagues at Layer 7 are posting insights on the world of APIs at the Layer 7 blog.

Our colleagues at Layer 7 are posting insights on the world of APIs at the Layer 7 blog. Last week the team was on a roll and posted some interesting content to coincide with API World and the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here’s a brief summary with links to the various blogs.

The Internet of Really Vulnerable Things

The first Tweet Chat hosted as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month took place last Thursday. The participants were asked what they thought the Internet would look like in 10 years. There were interesting responses and you can read the transcript from the Tweet Chat here.

The @CASecurity response basically pointed to the Internet of Things and the hyper connectivity that we are starting to see today.  The response specifically pointed to a blog by Holger Reinhardt that kicked off National Cyber Security Awareness Month on the Layer 7 blog.  Holger’s blog was about the “Internet of really vulnerable things” and pointed out several vulnerabilities of connected things that aren’t typically thought of when it comes to Security, but perhaps should be.  Things like baby monitors, cars and once self-contained industrial systems.

How APIs Grease the Data Wheels

Last week Dimitri Sirota spoke at API World about APIs and data and his blog summarizes that discussion.  In the blog he draws a great analogy between APIs and data, showing how APIs unlock the value of data.

APIs unlock value by making information available to both developers and applications – and there is plenty of value in data. Unlocking the value of data benefits everyone, especially the new data barons who own, aggregate or analyze the data. If data is the new oil, APIs are the pipelines and tankers (I guess making Hadoop the refiner).

Can your API be BREACHed?

In this blog, Ronnie Mitra dissects a BREACH threat and examines that attack vector from an API perspective.

The API Academy on the Road

Our API Academy has a global roadshow planned for this quarter hitting cities in Europe and North America. The “roadshow” is a series of free workshops on API strategy, the principles of good API design and the keys to designing an API that will last. In addition to core aspects of effective API design, they will discuss the emerging trends of the developer experience (DX), the Internet of Things (IoT) and DevOps as they pertain to the API universe. You can see the schedule and more information at another blog from Ronnie.


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