Biometrics and the iPhone 5S

I recently blogged on biometrics, authentication, and identity and access management.

I recently blogged on biometrics, authentication, and identity and access management.  By chance (not design) that turned out timely with the launch of the iPhone 5S and its integrated fingerprint reader.  There’s been a fair amount of commentary about it, with many people taking firm positions on either side, pro and con.  The reality is we won’t know how well it works, and how popular it is, until a lot of phones get out there and people use them for a while.  It’s fascinating, though, because it brings together biometrics, which have really never been used at large scale, with the iPhone, which has enormous popularity.

Another interesting take on this comes from my colleague Dimitri Sirota, senior vice president at CA Technologies and co-founder of Layer 7, an API security and management company that CA Technologies acquired in June.  In this blog entry Dimitri asks the question: “Did Apple Just Kill the Password?”, and calls out the short-term gains, some short-comings, and the hope for the future this holds for mobile users.

Jim is now chief security architect at CA Technologies following the acquisition of Arcot in…


  • The launch of the Apple iPhone 5S introduced the world to fingerprint technology from an entirely new perspective.  No longer will fingerprints simply be looked at as something used on CSI or by law enforcement.

    We at BIO-key anticipate there will be several phases of growth ahead.  Initially we’ll witness the tug-of-war as the pros and cons debate.  Eventually the early adopters will share their experience with friends and family and the utilization network will continue begin to grow.

    The next phase of growth will occur as the App developers introduce fingerprint friendly access to their technology.  This is when the technology will shine as consumers avoid entering hundreds / thousands of passwords in favor of their biometric.

    Let’s not forget that Samsung, LG, HTC, Google and others will soon introduce their fingerprint enabled devices too.  Like Karen Carpenter said “We’ve only just begun.” Wouldn’t you agree?


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