Easing the Transition to Cloud Computing

If you've been involved with enterprise IT long enough you will likely agree that it has always been easier to build the infrastructure than to manage it.

If you’ve been involved with enterprise IT long enough you will likely agree that it has always been easier to build the infrastructure than to manage it. New technologies help to solve old problems, while at the same time introduce new challenges. Virtualization has completely changed how we test and deploy new environments and helped us get unprecedented utilization from our IT investments. Cloud computing is delivering on the promises of self-service, on-demand provisioning of a variety of infrastructure components and applications, and is giving us myriad choices of how, when and where we get our IT services. 

A December 2012 Network World article,  “2013: Year of the Hybrid Cloud”,  predicted that 2013 will be the year enterprise IT will go beyond the adoption phase of cloud computing and turn its attention toward effectively managing hybrid cloud computing environments – this is the hard part. Analysts seem to agree. In the article, Tracy Corbo, principal research analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, was quoted as saying, “I’m convinced 2013 is going to be the year of the hybrid cloud infrastructure.”  What everyone is talking about is that the majority of today’s enterprise IT shops will most likely move to a combination of private, in-house, and public cloud services. Many enterprise IT organizations are recognizing that in addition to offering private cloud services to their customers, public cloud services can, and often will, provide a vital component to their overall IT business strategy. And, of course, having an enterprise-class cloud management and service delivery platform that takes into account both private and publics cloud services, i.e. hybrid cloud, will be critical to this strategy.

One way that we’re helping our customers ease this transition is through CA Automation Suite for Clouds, our cloud service delivery and management offering. Companies  such as Bull, Raymond James and Fibercorp have chosen CA Automation Suite for Clouds to help them manage their diverse cloud environments which help speed the delivery of quality services to their customers.

We learned from working directly with customers such as these that there are some key ingredients needed to make managing hybrid cloud environments more seamless in the enterprise. These include a self-service portal and catalog of automated services, such as chargeback, resource management and on-demand policy-based provisioning across virtual, physical and cloud environments. We’ve also added support for storage provisioning and management of EMC and NetApp storage as well as the ability to configure and customize network pools for virtual machine reservations, all important capabilities that our customers need to ease the transition to cloud computing. 

With so many different third-party cloud service offerings available on the market, we’ve made it very easy to add new services to your cloud mix. Service Cartridges include a host of best practice, pre-integrated content and process flows that serve as integration points for a variety of cloud-ready services. For example, our customers can now provision virtual desktop instances with either VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop.

I’m proud to share that the industry is taking notice of our solution’s business value. For example, TechTarget China recently named  CA Automation Suite for Clouds “Best Hybrid Cloud Management Suite.” In addition, Enterprise Management Associates named CA Technologies  a “Value Leader” and awarded the company “Most Innovative Architecture” in its recent EMA RadarTM for Private Cloud Platforms: Q1 2013 report which provides an extensive analysis of the private cloud marketplace from a customer perspective. I think it’s worth noting that EMA evaluated support for public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and considered it a key component of a private cloud platform.

According to the EMA RadarTM report, “Large CA customers confirmed CA’s status as a Value Leader, as the solution offers the flexibility and extensibility required for even the largest and most complex cloud deployments. CA Technologies Automation Suite for Clouds convincingly ties together CA’s core strengths – server, network, and storage automation, service management, and capacity planning – into a flexible and extensible private cloud platform.”

To learn more about our cloud management solutions, please visit: www.ca.com/cloud or attend one of the numerous cloud-focused presentations, labs, training sessions and demos we have scheduled during CA World.

Bill Talbot is a Product Marketing Manager for Automation solutions at CA Technologies. He has…


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