Consumer Driven IT in Review – 11th Edition

This past week the first Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) Conference and Expo took place in San Francisco.

This past week the first Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) Conference and Expo took place in San Francisco.  Vendors and the media were heavily represented on the agenda, but I did see a number of “non-technology” organizations scheduled to speak, including Eli Lilly, New York Mellon, NASA, Sesame Workshop, Genworth Financial Wealth Management and Hyatt Hotels.  We’ll be combing through whatever news and blogs get published post-conference, and bring you all the relevant information in an upcoming post.

Here’s what else was in the IT consumerization news in the last two weeks:

March 7:  IT departments stand in the way of innovation via STAR survey.  New UK-based survey of IT shows a lot of resistance to COIT but benefits as well.

Mobility to have the highest impact on organizations by Tim Spagnola via Recruiting Daily.  Latest workforce survey by TEKsystems shows other key areas of impact are COIT, big data and cloud computing.

March 5:  Yammer is driving CIOs crazy – and what they can do about it by Tony Byrne via Real Story Group.  Employees tend to blur the lines between external social media and internal social networking.

March 4:  Facebook and Angry Birds the most blocked apps by Clint Bolton via eWeek.  New survey by MDM provider Zenprise looks at banned apps on enterprise mobile devices.

February 29th: Western Union adapts for the future, deals with IT consumerization by John Gallant via CIO.  CIO John Dick views IT consumerization as an opportunity to transform the business from transaction-centered to customer-centric.

February 28thThe next governance frontier: social media by Barry Murphy via Forbes.  Put the right policies in place upfront and avoid eDiscovery nightmares down the road.

How big data is changing everything by John Jarve and Kevin Brown via Xconomy.  Dubbed “Storage 3.0″, it is happening now and will change everything.

February 27:  Government tablet adoption may triple by 2013 by Joseph Marks via Nextgov.  Findings from a MeriTalk survey of federal IT managers.

How to embrace the consumerization of IT, Part II by Daniel Burris via CIO Update.  “Opportunity favors the bold”, so act now!

February 24: How Mobile, BYOD and younger workers are reinventing IT by Ryan Faas via Computerworld.  Good comprehensive summary of all things IT consumerization

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Chief and Chuck: What the Flash?!?  PC-Friendly Version

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  • Rachel Macik

    Love the personal pic :)

    • CAHighlight

      Thank you!

  • Plutora Inc

    This is a good case study. 2.3 sec’s off a login transaction is big.

  • Michele Hudnall

    While the analysts were hyping DevOps, I posted the oversight of not including security as part of that discussion as you are highlighting here. Instead of just talking DevOps, it should be DOS (what’s old is new again :-) – DevOpsSec. As a previous AppDev person, it’s the app, who’s using it, why and where rather than the device and having the service available.

    As you rightly point, out Security should be baked into the solution.

    Nice Post and Timely!


    • CAHighlight

      Thank you for your feedback Michele. Agreed – security cannot be overlooked. Appreciate your input!

  • Mitesh

    I would love a printed copy

  • Lars Johansson

    I love the idea of BYOID! This makes me choose if I am almost anonymous (with my Hotmail Nicname) or official with identity from an official organisation. My Identity Provider will attach identity with right level of LoA according to the need of the Service provider.

    • CAHighlight

      Thank you for your comment. BYOID has tangible benefits for end users and relying parties but it also has to be weighed in the balance with potential risks and liability concerns. It will be interesting to see how BYOID plays out in the enterprise.