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One obvious difference between a mainframe, as represented by T.


One obvious difference between a mainframe, as represented by T. REXX, and a real dinosaur, is that we don’t actually know what color(s) the dinosaurs were, but we do know that the mainframe (and, by extension, T. REXX) is “green.” It uses less floor space, energy and cooling than any other platform for similar workloads, and solutions such as CA’s Enterprise Report Management products (including CA View, CA Deliver, CA Dispatch, CA Bundl, CA Spool, CA LPD and CA Output Management Web Viewer) take this even further by making it possible to absolutely minimize the waste of other resources such as paper.

I personally think it’s kind of cool that responsible computing is also environmentally responsible. And I enjoy having a cartoon that points that out:


T. REXX Green

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  • James Holland

    This is great. Hooray for Disney’s imagineers!


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  • king lear

    testing comment functionality, please do not publish this

  • Rachel Macik

    Love the personal pic :)

  • Plutora Inc

    This is a good case study. 2.3 sec’s off a login transaction is big.