News: CA GRC Manager 2.0 Released Today

Today we unveiled CA GRC Manager 2.0, the latest version of our enterprise risk and compliance management solution.

Today we unveiled CA GRC Manager 2.0, the latest version of our enterprise risk and compliance management solution. Check out the official announcement here.

The new version is designed to help organizations improve their Risk IQ by implementing a common risk management framework, and then facilitating risk identification, assessment, and mitigation across the entire organization. This approach gives business leaders the level of insight they need to improve risk awareness and response in order to improve operational performance.

“Improving Risk IQ has never been more important, as the current economic crisis reminds us nearly every day,” said Marc Camm, senior vice president and general manager of GRC Products at CA. “We are very excited about the latest version of CA GRC Manager because it delivers the risk library, templates, aggregation, assessment, and attestation needed to help both public and private sector enterprises significantly improve their overall risk management capability.”

Select new features of CA GRC Manager 2.0 include (more details here):

  • A common risk management framework
  • Support for comprehensive and consistent risk identification
  • Enhanced support for risk assessments
  • New dashboards for improved risk analysis and reporting

Sample new dashboard views

Sample dashboards from CA GRC Manager 2.0

To learn more about CA GRC Manager and enterprise risk management, visit, or take a look at one of these resources:

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  • king lear

    testing comment functionality, please do not publish this

  • Love the personal pic 🙂

    • CAHighlight

      Thank you!

  • Plutora Inc

    This is a good case study. 2.3 sec’s off a login transaction is big.

  • While the analysts were hyping DevOps, I posted the oversight of not including security as part of that discussion as you are highlighting here. Instead of just talking DevOps, it should be DOS (what’s old is new again 🙂 – DevOpsSec. As a previous AppDev person, it’s the app, who’s using it, why and where rather than the device and having the service available.

    As you rightly point, out Security should be baked into the solution.

    Nice Post and Timely!


    • CAHighlight

      Thank you for your feedback Michele. Agreed – security cannot be overlooked. Appreciate your input!

  • Mitesh

    I would love a printed copy

  • Lars Johansson

    I love the idea of BYOID! This makes me choose if I am almost anonymous (with my Hotmail Nicname) or official with identity from an official organisation. My Identity Provider will attach identity with right level of LoA according to the need of the Service provider.

    • CAHighlight

      Thank you for your comment. BYOID has tangible benefits for end users and relying parties but it also has to be weighed in the balance with potential risks and liability concerns. It will be interesting to see how BYOID plays out in the enterprise.